Creative Composer

Raman - flautist, composer, and educator is a trendsetter in the field of Indian music. He is one of the topmost flute maestros in today's Indian musical landscape.

A busy performer and recipient of several awards for Carnatic Classical Music, Raman has released unique and innovative CD projects.

To popularize Carnatic music among the younger generation he experimented and produced a CD "Call of the Bamboo" with the accompaniment of electronic percussion and western drums with Indian percussion for Chaste traditional carnatic music. It was a unique experiment, which was well received and was appreciated by critics globally. Raman also experimented and released a CD through the most popular label 'Lahari Records' - a carnatic flute solo with the Tavil accompaniment.

Raman released a challenging CD, which other musicians would have never attempted -- with Sagar Music, where he played the Complete Vedic Chants of Lord Venkateshwara on flute with veena accompaniment.

Carnatic, Hindustani, Folk, Contemporary, Jazz, Music Theatre, Symphony, Dance Ballet - you name the genre and Raman has mined it creatively over the past 18 years and more.

He has jammed with Irish, Flemish, Welsh, Spanish and musicians globally.

Raman has scored music for a number of Dance Ballets, and Dance Dramas, Puppet shows, stories telling projects, Theatre Dramas.

Music Score for major productions like “Power and Grace”, “Women in Love", ”Mahakatha“, Mahabharatha and Mabinogian toured as productions in the UK, and Contemporary Dance productions include “Let Go“, “Jagruthi The Awakening”,  “Both”, toured in the USA, and ” Sringara Shuchi Ujjvala “, “The Call of the Flute, ”Ramayana and Mahabharatha, toured in India

Today Raman is one the most hardworking performers in the music business, playing concerts, producing CD's, recording sessions at home and overseas. He enjoys playing anywhere and everywhere. His performances range from the Nightclubs to the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Raman's creativity is never ending - particularly when he has the chance to collaborate with singers, poets, choreographers and instrumentalists. Raman has diversified his music by working with great musicians Globally, Great dancers like Kumudini Lakhia, Nahid Siddaqui, Shobha Naidu, Padmini, Chitra & Meenakshi Sheshadri.

Raman has performed in prestigious venues like the Royal Festival Hall, London, The Barbican Center, The Lincoln Center, Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Performing Arts Center, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lied Center for performing Arts, The Rialto Center, Washington Performing Arts Society, and The Flynn Center. Also performed with the members of London Philharmonic Orchestra, Belgium's Rajhans Orchestra, and Stetson University Orchestra. Raman's life is dedicated to Music and his imaginations and creativity are immortal.

In the lineage of Carnatic Music flute scene of Sharabha Shastry, Palladam Sanjeeva Rao, T.R. Mahalingam, and Dr N Ramani, Mali's contribution is amazing. He changed the whole concept of concert presentation and defined the present format. Dr N.Ramani who is a true torchbearer of Mali's tradition further developed it, and was the first to introduce the finger transpose technique in carnatic music. Through this a whole range could be achieved and while raga delineation, more vocalized version was possible.

Raman, who belongs to this shishya paramapara, is currently doing a research on finger transpose technique and the usage of finger transpose in carnatic concert. Due to his tremendous experience in the recording industry, he has mastered the finger transpose key shift technique.

He has achieved doing the grahabedham and can have any note as the Adhara shadja (Tonic Note) and play, thus he can play any shruthi on a single flute.

Raman's contribution in the Kannada film industry has been noteworthy. Worked with most successful sought after music director Hamsalekha, Manohar and others. Raman was specially featured in the re-recording of the box office hit movie "Janumada Jodi " which broke all the previous box office records.

Other successful films include Ramesh Aravind's Thutta Muttha, Gadibidi Ganda, Tuvvi Tuvvi Tuvvi, Kaurava, Tavarina Tottilu..

Raman worked with all the Music Directors like Rajan-Nagendra, Upendrakumar, Manohar, Rajesh Ramanthan, Sadhu.

Raman's role as an Accompanist, Composer, or Conductor span more than 400 commercial audios releases. .

Raman's Musical score for commercial audio include:

Indu kande sharana-Daasara Padagalu- (Vidyabhushan)

Vittala salaho swami (Vidyabhushan)

Krishna krupe maado (Vidyabhushan)

Shri venkatesha suprabhatham & other slokas (Vidyabhushan) 

Jaya jaya shree hayavadana (Vidyabhushan)

Nimma bhagya doddado (Vidyabhushan)

Ambegalikkuthali banda (Vidyabhushan)

Maanava janma doddadu (Vidyabhushan) 

Namo venkatesha ( Vidyabhushana )

Baratanavva ganapa ( Folk Songs )

Durge bandalu (Kannada folk songs by S. Janaki)

Vedic chantings by Shathavadani R. Ganesh and K.V. Raman

Shri Chandramouliswara Suprabatha

Shringeri shri Sharada Suprabhatha

Sri Subramanya and Gakaara Ganapathi


Sharanam mani kantane