In 2012, Raman founded the Indo-American Academy of Classical Music (IAACM). Though the organization made humble beginnings, it was created with a grand vision of promoting Indian classical music and dance in North America, It aims to accomplish this by:

  • Providing music education to the young generation interested in Indian Classical music.

  • Presenting concerts to expose the grandeur of this music genre to the community.

  • Inviting noted artists for workshops and lecture-demonstrations

  • Delivering music accompaniments and live orchestra for dance programs and arangetrams

Creating a community of music lovers and enthusiasts who share and thrive on their common interest. IAACM is seeing rapid growth. We now have a recording studio and concert facility where we organize events.

Raman has also published a book and accompanying DVD, ‘Krishna’s Legacy’ for learning to play the Flute. These publications have been used by students the world over and enabled the learning of Carnatic Music easily. In these, Raman developed new, original fingering and blowing exercises which enable students to learn better control over the instrument in the path to mastery of flute playing.Raman's YouTube channel also includes several videos explaining Carnatic flute fingerings and techniques, and his website includes over 600 videos and song notations for learners around the world. 

In addition to formal teaching, Raman conducts workshops on South Indian music around the world. Past workshops have included Trinity College of Music, London, The Lincoln Center, The Lied Center, University of Birmingham, Wabash College, Western Carolina University, Stetson University, Goucher College, University of Virginia, and Louisiana State University.