In addition to classical performances, Raman has composed and recorded several CDs specifically for meditative practice. "Music for Deep Meditation" reached and remained at the #1 spot on iTunes in the World Music category for over 6 months and the accompanying video has received nearly 300,000 views on YouTube. 

He, along with colleague Dr. Aparna Ramaswamy, leads meditation workshops and seminars, centered around the premise of sound healing. Their meditation with music seminar builds on the healing power of musical notes that emerge spontaneously and naturally as melodic tunes. The central energetic concept of nada is used to create a meditative experience in participants. 

Dr. Aparna Ramaswamy is a dancer trained in Bharathanatyam with over 40 years of dancing and teaching experience. Her PhD research is on linking the practices of classical Indian dance with the ashtanga principles of yoga. As a psychotherapist, Aparna combines music, movement & meditation with conventional cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Ramaswamy is part of the faculty team at Johns Hopkins University in their Counseling programs. (