Affordable Recording Service of Bharathanatyam Items.
IACCM has a state of the art Recording Studio at Virginia and we can customize and record the items as per your need. We have recorded dance items in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi,Kathak, Annual day shows, Dance productions, thematic productions, and contemporary productions .
Here are our samples produced and recorded in our IAACM Studios at Virginia.
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Here are our sample recording recorded and mixed at our IAACM Studios

Arangetram Planning (Plan your Work and Work your Plan ) There is a popular 6P formula which says Prior proper planning prevent poor performance. So prior proper planning will make the whole Arangetram process enjoyable and stress free. You will appreciate these important pointers wrote by Flute Raman with his expertise in arangetrams as a Guru, parent, as an artist and also as a Artist manager.He has helped in organizing hundreds of arangetrams, events and concert tours.
Our SKVV Arangetram Orchestra have done hundreds of arangetrams in these past years and Please feel free to reach out to us for more guidance and recommendations in the planning process.
  1. A complete detailed Planning Guide authored by Flute Raman is available in the Store
  2. Detailed Tech rider for Sound Engineer
  3. Sample Brochures
  4. Sample invitations
  5. MC Speech template. 
Please download it from the Store

Arangetram Planning Important Pointers

  • Start the whole process at least 18 months before the actual date of the Arangetram.
  • Have a detailed meeting with Guru as the Guru plays the most important role in the success of the Arangetram
  • Book a reliable, professional Orchestra team and have a contract in place as this also play a very important role.
  • Book the auditorium which has proper professional Lighting and audio facilities ( You can download the detailed Tech Rider from the Resources ).
  • Being Completely prepared 6 months before the actual date will give enough time for both the Student and the teacher to fine tune the margam .So plan accordingly and allocate adequate time for the intense practice.
  • A lot of physical help is needed from Friends and Family members and have two or three planning meeting with them and allocate tasks accordingly . Allocate the tasks they are naturally good at and which they are willing and comfortable to do.
  • Allocate two or three persons as transport volunteers for all important artist and chief guest rides.

Careers Opportunities

Want to sing for arangetrams ? Get trained by experts in the field and join our team. We train music students to sing for Bharatanatyam and for eligible candidates we provide opportunities to sing for our productions and shows We also have a huge Bharatanatyam Items Database which is very useful for all teachers and students.

We also have a huge Bharatanatyam Items Database which is very useful for all teachers and students to expand their repertoire.

Enroll on and learn to sing for Bharatanatyam and access our massive Bharatanatyam items Database.

Contact us if you need help with with choosing special Items for Arangetrams.