Flute Raman belongs to the Legacy of the legendary flute wizard Shri TR mahalingam .

T.R Mahalingam ( Mali )

Flute Raman’s Guru Guru T.R Mahalingam has had a big impact on Raman’s career

Raman was blessed and privileged to have spent time with this flute wizard during his teens . Raan had the opportunity to spend time and get blessings and guidance with this maestro during his  performance visits to Mysore. Flute Raman has  accompanied on many occasions with the shruthi peti accompaniment for T.R Mahalingam and the most memorable one was Mysore Durbar Hall concert.

Raman had  a dream to perform on the same stage and years later he performed on the  same stage. Many complex ragas which don’t have any equivalent in any other forms of music like Thodi , Anandabhairavi , Varali , Ahiri , Raman learnt these ragas from listening to this flute legend and as a tribute he is planning to do a Re Live Mali Tour soon .

Dr N Ramani

Flute Raman is one of the prominent torch bearers of Dr N Ramani Style of Flute Playing

He was blessed to receive intense training from the legend for more than 15 years and  has performed duet with his Guru .


Flute Raman during his  childhood accompanied Ramani on tanpura for several years before joining him as a students 


In one of his occasions he played for Ramani sir the Bindumalini and Kharahara priya  Raga and immediately the Legend accepted Flute raman ashis disciple and till his last day flute Raman was his favorite  disciple.

Raman had the privilege of  performing Flute duet and trios with Dr N Ramani on many occasions and this was a great turning point in his career 

Flute Raman surprised his Guru  Dr N Ramani on of such occasions where he played Raga Lathangi in a difficult Transposed fingering (with Sadharana Gandharam as tonic  note) and Ramani sir hugged him  immediately after the concert was over and this is  one of the most memorable moments of Flute raman’s Career

Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia

Flute Raman had several opportunity while working at All india Radio to meet and get guidance from this Hindustani Flute Maestro 

The main advice given by Pt Hariji was to create a unique style and develop your own style  and not play like others which really inspired Flute Raman to create his own style 

Sri K.S Gopalakrishnan

Flute Raman was very blessed to have guidance from this great legend KSG sir as he fondly called 

KS Gopalakrishnas music deeply influenced Flute Raman to create a blend between his Guru Dr N ramani and KS Gopalakrishna’s Style

Raman’s playing alog got high influence of Pt Hairji and his vast experience in playing for more  than two decades in the movie industry 

Sri A.V Prakash 

Flute Raman’s first Guru was Sri AV Prakash who hails from a musical family from Mysore .

Raman had several years of training with Sri AV Prakash and was also awarded the NCERT scholarship during his training with Sri AV Prakash.

Flute Raman

Flute Raman was blessed to have his initial training with AV Prakash from the age and his first concert at the age 13. His guru played the tanpura for his arangetram at the age of 13. Later he had advanced intensive training with Dr N Ramani and was blessed to get guidance from the Flute wizard TR Mahalingam. During his Bangalore days at All India Radio he had guidance from his favorite flautist KS Gopalakrishnan.