Raman Kalyan Trio


Accompanied by world class musician on violin and percussion, Raman Kalyan performs traditional South Indian Carnatic music, enchanting audiences around the world. Most recently completing a Fall 2016 tour across the United States and Canada, the Raman Kalyan Trio performs intricately designed programs tailor made to evoke a wide range of emotions from every type of audience.

Mysore Srikanth is one of the most sought after Indian violinists in the world. He studied under Sri. H K Narasimhamurthy of Mysore from the age of 6 and has accompanied several legends and maestros of Indian classical music, touring extensively worldwide. Srikanth is a graded artist of All India Radio and National Television of India. His pure notes and excellent tonal quality are lauded by music connoisseurs. He has previously won the Best Violinist awards from the prestigious Madras Music Academy and Indian Fine Arts Society, Chennai. 

Srimushnam V. Raja Rao is one of the foremost mridangam players in the world. From an illustrious musical heritage, Raja Rao first trained under his father Sri. S. Venkataramana Rao, who trained under Maestro Tanjore Sri Ramadas Rao, and continued his training under the famous Kumbakonam Sri M. Rajappa Iyer. With over 50 years of experience in the professional circuit, Raja Rao has accompanied all of the leading Carnatic musicians and is a top ranking artist of All India Radio. His artistry, consistence, and technical perfection have made him one of the most versatile mridangam masters in the world. In addition to touring globally, Raja Rao played for President Barack Obama in 2012, and has accompanied artists such as T.R. Mahalingam, T.N. Sheshagopalan, Mandolin Srinivas, and Laya Vinyasam among others.



In addition to classical performances, Raman has composed and recorded several CDs specifically for meditative practice. “Music for Deep Meditation” reached and remained at the #1 spot on iTunes in the World Music category for over 6 months and the accompanying video has received nearly 300,000 views on YouTube. 

He, along with colleague Dr. Aparna Ramaswamy, leads meditation workshops and seminars, centered around the premise of sound healing. Their meditation with music seminar builds on the healing power of musical notes that emerge spontaneously and naturally as melodic tunes. The central energetic concept of nada is used to create a meditative experience in participants. 

Dr. Aparna Ramaswamy is a dancer trained in Bharathanatyam with over 40 years of dancing and teaching experience. Her PhD research is on linking the practices of classical Indian dance with the ashtanga principles of yoga. As a psychotherapist, Aparna combines music, movement & meditation with conventional cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Ramaswamy is part of the faculty team at Johns Hopkins University in their Counseling programs. (www.natyayogatherapy.net)

Creative Projects


Passionate about all genres of music, Raman loves to collaborate with artists across musical languages. He has previously collaborated with Irish, Welsh, Spanish, West African, Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, and Japanese (Koto) musicians. Some of his collaborations include world musicians like Glen Velez (Grammy Winner), sax wizard Charlie Mariano, Khakatay African Ensemble, Flamenco Guitarist Pepe Habechuela, Louis Banks, Karl Peters, Ranjit Barot, Dr. L. Subramaniam, Jamey Haddad and others. He has also collaborated with musicians from South and North India including Dr. Balamurali Krishna, Guru Dr. N. Ramani, Mandolin Shrinivas, Selvaganesh, Tabla Maestro Anindo Chatterji, and Pundit Vinayak Torvi. 

In addition to touring with the Raman Kalyan Trio, Raman frequently presents Jugalbandis with various musicians from India and the US, and gives solo performances around the world.