IACCM has a state of the art Recording Studio at Virginia and we can customize and record the items as per your need. We have recorded dance items in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak , Annual day shows , i dance productions , thematic production , contemporary productions . Pl contact us for a free quote . You can also buy individual items from our Database . Please send in your request for our songs Database

Lock the Arangetram date & Pay your Arangetram Advance Once the date is finalised we will send confirmation email. Pay your deposit of $1030 to lock your arangetram date.

Want to Sing for Bharathanatyam ? Get Trained from Flute Raman and other experts in the field. Get Video Lesson recordings once every two weeks for an year.
Buy one year Subscription of Bharathanatya Margam lessons

Learn Carnatic Vocal Lessons Subscription for an year with one week free trial $99
Complete Arangetram Planning Guide by Flute Raman $25
Tech rider with tips for Best optimum Sound for Arangetrams $25
Dance item Notations in English ( Contact us for the complete database ) $ 15 per notation
Tambura and effects CD $25
Full SIze 4/4 Violin
Flute Raman Signature Bamboo Flute ( G Scale )
Flute Raman SIgnature D # Flute
Beginner’s Coaching with Flute Raman $300 for ten 30 minutes Sessions
Advanced Coaching with Flute Raman $500 for ten 45 minutes Sessions
Carnatic Music Beginner’s Guide Vol 1 Book Authored by Flute Raman $30
$10 off
Margam Audio Recordings ( From $15 to $250 )
Misc Services
Coach with Raman ( from $15 to $250 )
Misc Services

Flute Raman Dance Music CDs $9.99

Buy 3 different Cds for $25
Flute Raman Carnatic Music CDs $9.99
Buy 3 different Cds for $25
Flute Raman Meditation Cds
Meditation CDs
Buy 3 different Cds for $25
Flute Raman New Meditation CD DIgital Download $4.99
Meditation CDs
Nattuvangam Tala $ 49

Pl contact us to get quote for Individual Items ( the fee depends on the items ranging from $50 and above )
Contemporary Music tracks for Thematic Productions, Customised Arangetram Costumes,Jewellery Packages ,MC Service, Arangetram Brochures and Arangetram Invitations.